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Rick Eckert

Rick Eckert

SEO Companies benefit from Google Keyword Planner Tool

If you have ever used googles adwords keyword tool, you may at one point have become frustrated with it's inability to accurately show you a keyword search volume in a specific area for a certain keyword. 

how to use google keywords planner tool

For example, let's say you are trying to optimize a website for a local plumber, Bob's Plumbing Company in St. Louis Missouri.  Bob would like to target customers searching for a plumber or plumbing services in St. Louis Missouri.  Google's keyword tool would allow you to check the search volume for "plumbers" (globally or the vague term 'local') or for "plumbers St. Louis" but not let you specifically check for people searching the broad keyword "plumbers" that resided in St. Louis. 

What is Inbound Marketing?

With an ever-changing internet landscape, SEO and Internet Marketing Companies constantly need to adapt to ensure they are providing clients with the most relevant services.  You may have heard the phrase "Inbound Marketing" and wondered what it meant.  Inbound Marketing is the act of producing valuable, trusted content that customers value, in hopes to attract them to your website.  This content can come in the form of podcasts, videos, newsletters, social media marketing, or blogs.  Providing potential customers with valuable information helps establish your business as a trusted, reliable, and helpful resource.  This may influence the customers decision on where to do business should they need services that your company provides. 

Finding a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm to help grow your businesses online presence can be a difficult task.  Interacting with potential clients has made something pretty evident: There are a lot of shady SEO Companies out there, and they aren't doing a proper job explaining exactly what it is they do to help their clients business grow online.  Even worse, they could be just taking your money without actually providing any real service.

Growing your businesses online presence doesn't take place entirely on your main website. There are various local business directories that allow you to list your company, as well as the services you provide, service area, hours of operation, etc. etc. Some of these websites also allow consumers to interact with your listing by reviewing your services.

As of August 13th, SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) have experienced a little shrinkage.  Roughly 20% of the queries thrown at Google are returning 7 results per page, as opposed to the traditional 10 results that we're so used to seeing.  Some may say "Ok, big deal, so what?"  This may cause concern for Web Marketing firms that have their clients ranking with a lot of keywords around the 8-10 position.  Those search engine results will now put their clients on page two of the SERP's as opposed to page one.

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