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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing and Management

The internet is rapidly changing, and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have a lot of peoples attention. For some companies, having a facebook page or twitter presence doesn't really make sense, but for the other 90% it does! Consumers are more likely to do business with st. louis social media marketing companya company that is more personable or is recommended to them by a friend. Businesses with Facebook pages are able to communicate on a daily basis with consumers. Whether they are posting a funny image or showcasing a new product coming out, it's effectiveness in establishing customer loyalty can't be denied.

A Social Media plan that makes sense

At Elite Web STL, we can deploy a social media marketing strategy that makes sense for you. We can set up and manage Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. Let us help you build up a steady follower base that you can communicate with instantly. We can show you how to balance out marketing related posts with fun/informational posts so that the consumer is likely to continue following you. Contact Us today to learn more!

Social Media Services:

  • Social media profile creation
  • Social media audit
  • Social media marketing stategy
  • Social media widget implementation
  • Facebook updates & advertising
  • Twitter updates / tweeting
  • Building up followers
  • Blog setup
  • Weekly blog posts and blogging services

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