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Internet Marketing Services

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Internet Marketing Services

You can have the coolest looking website in the world, but it doesn't matter unless someone can find it. Consumers are searching more and more online instead of picking up a phone book.

At Elite Web STL, we establish and maintain all facets of your business being seen online. We also take into consideration what happens when the visitor gets to your website. From researching consumer search habits to finding the perfect layout to a landing page that yields the highest signup rate, we've got you covered. Elite Web STL stays up to date on the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing to ensure outdated practices and SEO Factors are thrown out as soon as new ones are established. We provide the following web marketing and search engine optimization services:

Why Choose Elite Web?

  • One stop shop for Internet Marketing
  • Use latest SEO Techniques and coding practices
  • Full access to your website to make changes
  • Tangeable SEO results seen in monthly keyword report
  • Advanced Lead Tracking and analytics to determine ROI
  • Real people answer the phone, no automated robots


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website be seen as a more authoritative source of information for a particular group of keywords you are targeting.

Social Media Marketing

Millions of people worldwide participate in social media every day. Building brand recognition and loyalty through interacting with your customer base online is crucial to your online presence.

Local Business Listings

Get your business properly listed in the top business listings that are searched by thousands of potential customers every day.


Regular blogging not only helps give visitors to your website valuable, informative information, but helps with Search Engine Optimization and builds consumer trust.

Google Analytics Tracking

Determine who is on your website, where they are from, what they are looking at, and what they like and don't like about your site. Make adjustments accordingly to increase chances of lead capture.

Monthly Keyword Reports

Monthly keyword reports allow you to track exactly where you rank in the search engines for highly trafficked keyword phrases.

Phone Tracking Lines

Phone tracking lines help you determine ROI. Did that lead come from a paid advertisement (radio, tv, phonebook, or ppc) or from SEO efforts? Elite Web has the answer and can help you determine what's working and what's not.

PPC / Google Adwords Campaign Management

You can be throwing away thousands of dollars through improperly set up / managed Pay Per Click (ppc) campaigns. Ensure you are sending customers with specific desires exactly where they are wanting to go.

Tracking Results

We believe that tracking results from our efforts are key to ensuring a good business relationship. Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing can sometimes seem to be a "mystical" or "magical" process. The programmer does something, waves his wand and poof, you're on page one of google in a few weeks. We know this isn't the case, and do our part to properly explain and educate the client on the process, so the work involved is understood. We track where you are ranking from day one on all keywords that are important to you. Over time you will notice these keyword phrases improving in rank, and traffic to your website increasing. This in theory leads to more phone calls and more email inquiries about your services, which equals more business! Set up an appointment to meet with us to discuss your goals!

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