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Important SEO Practices


Gauging search volume vs competitiveness for a certain industry
Having the proper URL structure is crucial for any websites success and part of a good SEO Plan
Do the search engines know what your page is about? We do keyword research to ensure the best title tags are implemented to let the search engines know what your pages are about and to gain an advantage over your competitors
Who links to your website? Gone are the days of link farms. Elite Web STL does backlinking campaigns to acquire valuable links to your websites from good sources. Relevant links from websites authoritative on the topic / industry at hand are an important factor in how your website ranks

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization, or commonly referred to by its acronym, SEO, is the practice of crossing your t's and dotting your i's in the web world. Well, it's not really that simple, but search engine optimization involves making sure your website is seen by the search engines as an authoritative source of information for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. When someone types a search query into a search engine, a list of results is returned to them. The first result is seen as the most authoritative source of information for that phrase, so it is being delivered to the user first.

Well, that's great, but how do the search engines judge if a site is an "authoritative source of content" for a particular phrase? Search engines use a multitude of different criteria to judge this. Not all search engines use the same criteria, so it get's a little tricky.  It's up to an SEO Company to keep up on all these search engine algorithms, and ensure your website complies. Elite Web STL studies these criteria and knows and understands how to make your website rank well vs your competitors. Having relative content about a certain topic, with proper title tags, meta data, and keywords present is a start, but it goes much more beyond this.

  • Keyword Analysis

    The right keywords to bring you qualified traffic

  • Speed Optimization

    Fast site loading times to improve website rankings

  • On page SEO

    Thorough implemention of top seo practices

  • Backlinking

    Get relevant, valuable links to your website

  • Content Strategy

    Proper structure and website verbiage deployment

  • Updated Code

    HTML5 and CSS3 websites - fully html compliant

  • Blogging and Copywriting

    Get blog updates and website content written with seo in mind

  • Local Business Listings

    Get listed the top business directories


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