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Lead Generation Services / Lead Tracking

Do you currently have a website?  Does it generate any calls or st. louis lead generationemail inquiries?  At Elite Web STL we have systems in place to track phone call inquiries and email inquiries generated from your website.  This way you know how effective your web marketing presence really is.  Knowing this information, combined with Google analytics data, and past performance data from your business helps provide key evidence as to whether or not your site is performing up to it's full potential.  Elite Web STL provides the following lead generation services:

  • Call tracking phone numbers - Local Numbers, or 800 Numbers. Forward to your regular number and receive an mp3 recording of the call via email to monitor for quality assurance or determine whether the call resulted in a sales conversion.
  • Email Inquiry Tracking - Subject lines read where the lead came from. Determine what a customer is interested in before calling them back based on data collected from the online form.
  • Google Analytics Elite Web STL Custom Reports - See what keywords customers are using to reach your website. Is there a desire for new services you may benefit from adding to your arsenal? See where clients are searching for your services from by geolocation.
  • Have Radio or print advertising? Need a splash page to send visitors to? We can track individual marketing campaigns for you with unique forms / tracking lines. We provide all the data to you so you can clearly see where you are getting the most bang for your buck!

If you'd like to learn more, or discuss your particular project with us, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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