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08 Jun

Instagram to try out Social Commerce on the Mobile Market

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Instagram has always been true to their mission to provide a mobile only photo sharing platform strictly for photo viewing. To the delight of “look what I ate for lunch” and cat picture posting hipsters everywhere, until very recently the company didn't even allow URLs to open from pictures posted on Instagram. All this is changing though with an update which will allow for “Install Now,” “Sign Up” and “Shop Now” buttons.

Earlier this month, Instagram introduced multi-photo carousel ads which allowed users to view branded images in sequence. This update contained a “Learn More” button which used an internal browser to view information about products and quickly return to browsing those cat pictures the Internet loves.

Advertisers will now have a much more powerful arsenal of tools on Instagram including an Instagram Ads API. Coupled with enhanced targeting efforts with Facebook, Instagram stands to be an effective mobile sales platform for companies both large and small.

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